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9th RIAO Conference
Adaptivity, Personalization and Fusion
of Heterogeneous Information

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RIAO 1994 Program's

OCTOBRE 11, 1994



Dr. F. Seitz, President Emeritus of Rockefeller University

9:15 AIMS AND GOALS for RIA094

Dr. J.L. Funck Brentano, co-chairman of RIA0’94


S. Oshuga, University of Tokyo

SESSION 1A Linguistic analysis for automatic treatment

Chair: U. Heid, University von Stuttgart (D)

9:50 Automatic Text Decomposition and Structuring

G. Salton, J. Allan, Cornell University, Department of Computer Science (U.S.)

10:10 BREAK

10:50 A Methodology for Exploiting Sophisticated Representations for Classification

S. Finch, Language Technology Group HCRC, University of Edinburgh (U.K.)

11:10 FASTR : A Unification-Based Front-End to Automatic Indexing

C. Jacquemin, Universite de Nantes IRIN (France)

11:30 Innovations in Multilingual Searching

P. Roochnik , J.C. Hermansen. M.Lewellen, Language Analysis Systems, Inc. (U.S.)

11:50 Hierarchical Pattern Matching for Knowledge Based News Categorization

L. Gilardoni , P. Prunotto , G. Rocca, Quinary SpA (Italy)

12:10 Specifying Adverse Drug Reactions by Formulating Contexts

F. Rikkens, D. Evans,R. Vos, Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.)

12:30- 2:00 LUNCH

SESSION 1B Linguistic analysis for automatic treatment (1)

Chair: A. Giannetti,Sogei

2:00 lnvited speaker : Some considerations of digital mapping.

Pr. M.J. Feigenbaum, Rockefeller University

2:20 Trade-offs Between Syntactic and Semantic Processing in the Comprehension of Real Texts

D. McDonald, Brandeis University (U.S.)

2:40 Document Retrieval Using Linguistic Knowledge.

E.D.Liddy, W.Paik, E.S.Yu, M.Mckenna Syracuse University (U.S.)

3:00 Using Categories to Provide Context for Full­-Text Retrieval ResuIts

M.A. Hearst, Computer Science Division University of California (U.S.)

3:20 Document lndexing and Retrieval using Natural Language Processing

T. Strzalkowski, Courant lnstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Computer Science (U.S.)

SESSION 2A Large knowledge databases (1)

Chair: B. Smith, European Union

3:40 An Association Thesaurus for Information Retrieval

B. Croft, J. Yufeng, Computer Science Department University of Massachusetts (U.S.)

4:00 Application of the Backpropagation Algorithm to an Information Retrieval System

A. Caron, Universite des Sciences de Lorient (France)

4:20 BREAK

4:50 Case-Based Reasoning Meets Information Retrieval

M.Smail, M.Crehange. CRIN/CNRS (France)

5:10 A Logic-Based Approach to Thesauri as a Resource for Information Retrieval

S.Goeser, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH (Germany)

5:30 Exploiting a Large Thesaurus for Information Retrieval

A.R. Aronson, National Library of Medicine(U.S.)


OCTOBER 12, 1994


Chair: J-C. Bassano, Universite d'Orleans (F)

9:00 Invited SPEAKER: Standardization in Medical Informatics in Europe.

G.J.E. De Moor, Chairman of the European Standardization Committee, Technical Committee on Healthcare Informatics) (Belgium) " »

SESSION 2B Large knowledge databases (2)

9:20 The Librarian's Assistant: Automatically Organizing On-line Books into Dynamic Bookshelves

Y.S. Maarek, A.J. Wecker, IBM Haifa Research Laboratory (Israel)

9:50 A Competition-Based Connectionist Model for Information Retrieval

I. Syu, S.D. Lang, Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida (U.S.)

10:10 A Cooccurence-Based. Thesaurus and two Applications on Information Retrieval

H. Schutze, ]. Pedersen, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (U.S.)

10:30 BREAK

11:00 Search Mechanisms using a New Neural Network Model Comparison with the Vector Space Model

J .Mothe, IRIT-SIG Universite Paul Sabatier (France)

11:20 Hierarchies of Indices for Text Searching

R. Baeza-Yates, E.F. Barbosa, N. Ziviani, Departamento de Ciencias de la Computacion Universidad de Chile (Chili), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (BraziI)

SESSION 3A Digitized document understanding and retrieval

Chair: R. Marcus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.)

11:40 Adaptive Information Extraction from Online Messages

M. Hbfferer, B.Knaus, W. Winiwarter Institute of Applied Computer Science and Information Systems (Austria)

12:00 Applying Conceptual Models ta Multimedia Information Retrieval

P. Rosengren, Swedish Institute for Systems Development (Sweden)

12:20-1:50 LUNCH

SESSION 3B Digitized document understanding and retrieval

Chair: B. Sharp, Stafford University (U.K.)

1:50 TACHIR: A Tool for Automatic Construction of Hypertexts for Information Retrieval

M. Agosti, M. Melucci, F. Crestani, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow (U.K.)

2:10 A Traceability-based-model for an Integrated Maintenance Environment

A. Escudie, P.Y. Lambolez, ].P. Queille, F. Voidrot, Matra Marconi Space (France)

2:30 Search and Navigation on Legal Documents Based on Automatic Acquisition of Content Representation

E. Pietrosanti, P. Mussetto, G. Marchignoli, Tecsiel S.p.A. (italy)

2:50 Update on the MARC project. Transporting colour from the painting on the Wall ta the Picture in the Book.

H. Derrien, Thomson-CSF/LER (France)

3:10 Hypertext Conversion and Representation of a Printed Manual

A. Mika, M. Huttl, U. Guntzer, Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut, Universitat Tubingen; Institut fur Informatik Technische, Universitat Munchen (Germany)

3:30 A System for Retrieving Images by Content

V.N. Gudivada, V. V. Raghavan, Department of Computer Science, Ohio University (U.S.), The Center for advanced Studies, University of Southwersten Louisiana (U.5.)

3:50 BREAK

SESSION 4A Information reading

Chair: C.Chrisment (Universite Paul Sabatier) (F)

4:20 Medical Image Storage and Retrieval Strategies in the LUX-IMACS project

D.Bandon, R.Kanz,V. Boissart, C.Debas, G.Evers, J.Duchene, C.Wehenkel Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Luxembourg)

4:40 Information retrieval System using DAI Tools

M.Braunwarth, A. Mekaouche, J.c. Bassano LIFO, Universite d'Orleans (France)

5:00 Query Expansion in an Abductive Information Retrieval System

A.Muller, U.Thiel, GMD-IPSI (Germany)

5:20 Information Retrieval in Distributed Hypertexts

P.De Bra, G.J .Houben, Y.Kornatzky, R.Post. Eindhoven University of Technology (Holland)

5:40 «ELP ADVISOR»: A Prototype of an Integrated Expert System in Italian Environmental Law

E.Fameli, Eturchi, Istituto per la Documentazione Giuridica deI CNR (ltaly)


OCTOBER 13, 1994

SESSION 4B Information Reading

Chair: D. Harman, National lnstitute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)

9:00 Query Expansion and Neural Network

M. Boughanem, MSl-Universite des Sciences de Limoges (France)

9:20 Dynamically Bounding Browsable Retrieval Spaces: an Application to Galois Lattices

C. Carpineto, G.Romano, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (ltaly)

SESSION 5 New paradigms for information Retrieval

Chair: J.Depireux, Universite de Liege (B)

9:40 Invited speakers: Medical Imaging Paradigms for Distributed Health Care Systems

F. Dewey and R.I. Kitney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.)

10:00 Mathprobe: Active MathematicaI Dictionary

C. Watters, J. Ho, Jodrey School of Computer Science, Acadia University (Canada)

10:20 Exploratory Data Analysis via Self-Organization

B.Faieta, E.Lumer, Zete - Universite libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

10:40 BREAK

11:10 Multimodality and Vagueness in the Context of a Graphical, Object-Oriented Materials Information System

C. Womser-Hacker, J. Krause, C. Wolff, University of Regensburg, Information Science (Germany)

SESSION 6A Openness, interoperability and integration (1)

Chair: G. Grefenstette, Rank Xerox (F)

11:30 A Flexible Architecture for Collaborative Information Retrieval

J.Y.Nie, J. Vaucher, N. Anquetil, Dept. d'informatique et de recherche operationnelle; Universite de Montreal (Canada)

11:50 The SGML standard for a Technical Documents Writing Assistance System

M.L. Corral, C. Julien, A. Simon, Laboratoire Matra/ Aramiihs (France)

12:10 UTF: An SGML Standard for the News Distribution Industry

D. Becker, Mead Data Central (U.S.)

12:30-2:00 LUNCH

SESSION 6B Openness, interoperability and integration (2)

2:00 A Homogenous Interaction Platform for Navigation and Search in and from Open Hypertext Systems

M.Rittberger, R. Hammwohner, R. Assfalg, R. Kuhlen, Department of Information Science, University of Constance (Germany)

SESSION 7 Multimodal interfaces

Chair: J.L. Funck Brentano, Hopital Necker (F)

2:20 A Practical and Adaptable User Model for Browsing in a Hypermedia Information System

J. Vassileva, Federal Armed Forces University (Germany)

2:40 Toward Semantic Retrieval of Pictures and Video

A.S. Chakravarthy, MIT Media Laboratory (V.S.)

3:00 InfoCrystal: Integrating Exact and Partial Matching Approaches through Visualization

A.Spoerri, MIT Center for Educational Computing (V.S.)

SESSION 8 Measure and Iarge-scale evaluation

3:20 Overview of the TREC Program

D.Harman, National Institute of Standards and Technology (V.S.)

SESSION 9 Experimental applications

Chair: J. Ladouceur, universite Laval (CAN)

3:40 The Tax Documentation Service in Italy

M. Armellini, E. Centonze, A. Fiorilli, A. Mancieri, V. Morgese., SOGEI SpA (Italy)

4:00 BREAK

4:30 A System for Ranking Documents according to their Relevance to a (Legal) Concept

R.V. De Mulder, C. van Noortwijk, Erasmus University, Centre for Computers and Law (Holland)

4:50 A Prototype Information Retrieval System to Perform a Best-Match Search for Names

N. Willman, National Institute of Standards and Technology (V.S.)

5:10 NameFinder: Software that finds Names in Text

P. Hayes, Carnegie Group Inc. (V.S.)



1- North American and European programs - Wednesday 12, 1994

This special session will review Research and Development programs in North America and Europe.

The session will include general overviews, specific program presentations and interactive discussions.

For the United States:

Dr. Y.T. Chien, Division Director ,Information Robotics and Intelligent Systems, National Science Foundation, will talk on «Research opportunities in multimedia and intelligent systems at the National Science Foundation».

Dr. G. Doddington , Program Manager, the Advanced Research Program Agency (ARPA) will give a lecture on «Software_and Intelligent Systems Technology».

For Canada:

J. Ladouceur, Universite Laval, Quebec, will give a presenta­tion of the activity of CEFRIO and of a project funded partly by this organisation.

For Europe:

V.Parajon Collada, Director at the European Union will pre­sent the Language Research Engineering (LRE) and Information Market Policy Actions (Impact) programs.

The Information Technology programs will also be presented.

The schedule of this session will be mailed on request and distributed at the beginning of the Conference.

II-Workshop on «Multimedia Information Representation and Retrieval in USA and Europe» - Tuesday 11, 2:00- 5:00

Co-chairs: Prof. A. Pentland (MIT., USA), Dr. K. Haase (MIT,USA), Dr. Ph. Aigrain (IRIT,France)

Recent work on access to still and moving images will be presented, with special emphasis on automated analysis of images, user interfaces and content-based retrieval:

- content analysis and feature extraction,

- semantic models of still images and videos,

- time segmentation and structuring of video contents,

- retrieval and navigation by similarity,

- media-oriented knowledge bases and their application to information retrieval.



Prototypes of systems described in Conference papers will be demonstrated du ring the breaks following the paper pre­sentations.

ln addition there will be other presentations of prototypes demonstrated during the parallel session. These incIude ;

C. Balayer, H. Guyennet, F. Spies, M. Trehel,

«The concepts of distributed groupware and multimedia applied to a drawing too!».

Laboratoire d'informatique de l'Universite de Besancon (France)

j. Karlgren, H. Karlgren, P. Pettersson, M. Nordstrum, B. Wahrolen,

«Dilemma-A tool to ensure quality of new translations by using the earlier oneStt.

SICS (Sweden)

C. Retourna, P. Baldit, L. Quoniam, M. Roux, H. Dou, «Revealing sorne concepts in oral speech by a new method of indexing on sorne statistical criteriontt.

Centre de Recherche Retrospective de Marseille, Faculte des Sciences de Saint Jerome (France)

P. Lopisteguy, A. Perez, I. Usandizaga, j. Filgueira «Extension towards hypermedia of an object oriented database management systemtt.

Universidad dei Pais Vasco (Spain)

M. Lipshutz, S. Liebowitz Taylor

«Automatic generation of hypertext from legacy documentstt. Unisys Corporation (U.S.)

P. Maret, J.M. Pinon, D.Martin

«Capitalization of consultants' experience in document draftingtt.

lNSA, Laboratoire d'Ingenierie des Systemes (France)

M. Lafazanis, B. Mamalis, P. Spirakis, B. Tampakas, A. Tsakalidis

«FIRE; A flexible tool for efficient information retrieval. Computer Technology Institute (Greece)

C. T. Yu, K.R. Nair, C. Liu, A. Aslandogan «Content based approximate picture retrievaltt, University of Illinois(U.S.)

C. Lahanier, D. Meili, M .Aubert

Intelligent Multimedia Information RetrievaI Systems and Management

Laboratoire de Recherche des Musees de France (France)

J.C. Lamirel, M. Crehange

«Nomad: a documentary database interrogation system based on a symbolico-connectionnist model including multiple neural topographies and novelty detection». CRIN-CNRS (France)


The RIA094 conference is being held as electronic informa­tion processing is undergoing a profound revolution. At work or at home, digital access to electronic information is finally becoming a mass phenomenon.

Until now , only a relatively restricted number of people, researchers mostly, have had access to a limited number of data bases. Today, not only the quantity of information but its diversity have become factors that everyone must deal with. Data is becoming more available but is scattered over heterogeneous technical and social networks, managed in a distributed fashion with varied methods and aims. The information seeker is confronted with new challenges, and must develop new work habits as he or she directly tracks the possibilities of multishaped, large and evolving data­bases.

ln this light, RIAO has adopted a different approach and a different presentation of product demonstrations. Horizontal application areas giving a wide view of full applications within a domain will be presented in conjunc­tion with vertical enabling technologies that may be applied to any domain.

ln order to develop this new approach, more fully, we have extended the period for accepting new demonstration par­ticipants until September 1, 1994.

Three main horizontal sectors have been selected as demonstration areas: Medicine, Space and Art.


As Health Care Reforms are being initiated in Europe and in the US, much attention is being given to the future raIe of medical computing and telecommunications. At RIA094 recent developments relating to the Electronic Health Record of the future will be demonstrated.

Some of the applications and themes presented:

«The Visible Human» project from the National Library of Medicine.

Tools for identifying shapes in medical images, extracting information dynamically from sequences of 2D images (MIT Multimedia Lab).

Telemedicine with demonstrations from Europe via the World Wide Web.

Also electronic data interchange through standardized mes­sages, communication of medical images, the ultimate medical workstation.


Space and aeronautic technologies have created large quan­tities of image data and vast stores of technical documenta­tion. Information solutions in these areas will be demons­trated via applications such as:

Spot Images'database of 3.5 million satellite photos, enri­ched at a rate of 2.000 images a day.

Jouve will present a demonstration of its European­-American application using CALS and SGML in technical documentation and their impact on searching for informa­tion.


Virtual museum projects are numerous ail over the world, as methods are being explored to produce Art databases, interfaces and research engines. Some applications to be presented:

The NARCISSE project in the IMPACT program: Network of Art Research and Computer Image Systems in Europe.

The RAMA project in the European Race program : Remote Access to Museum Archives.

The San Francisco Museum of Art has recently developed a product entitled «American Visions».


Demonstrations of new and innovative functions in the fields of Libraries and Legal Fields will also be shown.

A demonstration will be given on the Tax Documentation Service containing legislation, interpretation and case law related to the Italian Taxation Domain, daily accessed by a very large number of users at ail relevant Public Administration sites in Italy through a large private net­work and duly updated by means of an internal text acquisition and indexing process. Relevant functionalities such as query expansion/restriction and textual navigation as well as usage of specific dictionaries will be shown.


As well as the presentation of the above horizontal applica­tion fields, vertical axes of enabling technologies will also be presented at RlA094.

Some of the best advanced products in the following fields will be present in the Product Demonstration section of RlA094. A same pie from each field is given.

Information Retrieval: with demonstrations by path setters such as Fulcrum, CIaritech ...

Software tools : Xerox Linguistic Tools; SGML information structuring tools; and other information management soft­ware.

Networks Services: GROUPLENS news filtering from MIT and University of Minnesota, and others

CD-ROM: SGML television dictionaries; from Italy, the Media Music system of navigation in a musical database.

Interfaces: group requests; navigational assistance; intelligent agents.

The Organizers of RIA094 are still communicating with a number of further applications and product developers who will be present at the conference.

The final list of the demonstrations will be available on September 10, 1994 and will be mailed on request and sent to participants who have mailed their registration form.


French co-chairman :

Pro J-L. FUNCK BRENTANO, President du Centre Informatique de l'Hopital Necker

US co-chairman :

Dr. F. SelTZ, Past - President Rockefeller University

Program Committee members :

J.P. BARTHES (F) Universite de Compiegne

J.C. BASSANO (F) Universite d'Orleans

C. CHRISMENT (F) Universite Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse

C. DAMPNEY (Aus) Macquarie University

J. DEPIREUX (B) Universite de Liege


D. EVANS (USA) Carnegy-Mellon University




U. HEID (D) Universitat von Stuttgart

]. LADOUCEUR (CAN) Universite Laval, Quebec

R. MARCUS (USA) Massachusetts Institute of TechnoIogy

W. MARTIN (ND) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

L. RAU (USA) General Electric

R.S. ROSENBERG (CAN) University of British Columbia

J. ROUAULT (F) Universite de Grenoble

T. SARACEVIC (USA) Rutgers University

B. SHARP (UK) Stafford University

P.E. SCHMITZ (Switz.) Text Information Systems

B. SMITH European Union

U. THIEL (D) G.M.D.- I.P.S.I. Darmstadt

B. WEBBER (USA) University of Pensylvania



US Co-Chair: B. Glushko, Passage System (U.S.)

French Co-Chair: J. Guidon, Universite Paris VII (France)

D. Bearman, Editor of Archives and Museum Informatics(U.S.)

C. Clergeau, Director of Laboratory, College de France (France)

EC. Lees, Rockefeller University

N. Paquel, Director of Canope


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