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9th RIAO Conference
Adaptivity, Personalization and Fusion
of Heterogeneous Information

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RIAO 2000 Program's

12-14 Avril 2000

College de France, Paris, France

Mercredi 12 Avril 2000


8:00-9:40 Enregistrement


10:00-11:20 – Ouverture de la conference, incluant un hommage rendu au Professeur Andre Lichnerowicz


11:20-11:40 Pause


11:40-12:40 – Session Pleniere 1 : Recherche par le contenu ; du texte a la parole, a l’image et a la multimodalite

President : Gianni Lazzari, IRST, Italie


John S. Garofolo, Cedric G. P. Auzanne & Ellen M. Voorhees, The TREC Spoken Document Retrieval Track: A Success Story



Mark D. Dunlop (1) & Kieran McDonald (2), Supporting different search strategies in video query interface (1) Riso National Laboratory - Denmark, (2) Dublin City University - Ireland


Michael Bett, Ralph Gross, Hua Yu, Xiaojin Zhu, Yue Pan, Jie Yang & Alex Waibel, Multimodal Meeting Tracker

Carnegie Mellon University - USA


12:40-14:00 Dejeuner


14:00-15:20 Recherche d’Informations, session orale 1 (BO1) : Internet et la recherche d’information translingue

President : Christian Fluhr, CEA, France


Yan Qu, Alla N. Eilerman, Hongming Jin & David A. Evans, The Effect of Pseudo Relevance Feedback on MT-Based CLIR

Claritech Corporation - USA


Jiang Chen & Jian-Yun Nie, Parallel Web text mining for cross-language IR

University of Montreal - Canada


Francois Paradis, Information Extraction and Gathering for Search Engines: The Taylor Approach

SSIRO - Australia


Thierry Despeyroux & Brigitte Trousse, Semantic verification of Web sites using a Centaur-based approach

INRIA - France








14:00-15:20 Traitement du langage parle et de l’audio – Session orale 1 (CO1) : Parole et recherche d’information

President : Jean Paul Haton, LORIA, Nancy, France


Mahesh Viswanathan (1), Homayoon Beigi (1), Alain Tritschler (1) & Fereydoun Maali (2), Multimedia Content Indexing and Retrieval Using Speech and Speaker Recognition

(1) IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - USA, (2) Signal Recognition Corp, USA


David Goddeau, Anna Litvinova, Beth Logan, Pedro Moreno, Michael Swain & Jean-Manuel Van Thong, SpeechBot: a Speech Recognition based Audio Indexing System for the Web

Compaq Cambridge Research Lab. - USA


Seichi Takao, Jun Ogata & Yasuo Ariki, Study on New Term Weighting Method and New Vector Space Model Based on Word Space in Spoken Document Retrieval

Riokoku University - Japan


Cedric G. P. Auzanne, John S. Garofolo, William M. Fisher & Jonathan G. Fiscus, Automatic Language Model Adaptation for Spoken Document Retrieval



14:00-15:20 Gestion de documents – Session Poster 1 (AP1) : Navigation, adaptation a l’utilisateur et creation de documents

President : Wessel Kraaij, TNO-TPD, Pays Bas


Mark Burnett, Short-circuiting information overload in documents - the Hints System

DSTO Research Centre - Australia


Julio Pereira Machado, Carlos Tadeu Q de Morais, Paulo Blauth Menezes & Ricardo Reis, Structuring Web course pages as Automata: revising concepts

University Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil


Zoe Lacroix, Querying Annotated Scientific Data Combining Object-Oriented View and Information Retrieval

University of Berkeley - USA


Rushed Kanawati & Maria Malek, Informing the Design of Shared Bookmark Systems

University of Paris Nord and EISTI - France


Laurent Denoue & Laurence Vignollet, An annotation tool for Web browsers and its applications to information retrieval

University of Savoie - France


Sung Hyon Myaeng, Mann-Ho Lee, Ji-Hoon Kang, Eun-Il Cho, Yong-Bae Lee, Dong-Soo Lim, Jeong-Mook Lim, Hyo-Jung Oh & Jung-Shik Yang, A Digital Library System for Easy Creation/Manipulation of New Documents from Existing Resources

Chungnam National University - Korea


S. L. Mantzaris, B. Gatos, N. Gouraros & S. J. Perantonis, Linking article parts for the creation of newspaper digital library

Lambrakis Press S.A. - Greece


Samuel W. K. Chan, Segmentation of Chinese Discourse in Content-Based Information Retrieval

City University of Hong Kong




15:20-15:40 Pause Cafe


15:40-16:40 Session Pleniere 2 : la Toile et le Livre Electronique

President : Richard Marcus, MIT, U.S.A.


Erik Selberg & Oren Etzioni, On the Instability of Web Search Engines

Go2Net, Inc. and University of Washington - USA


Gregory Grefenstette & Julien Nioche, Estimation of English and non-English Language Use on the WWW

Xerox Research Centre Europe - France


Monica Landoni (1), Fabio Crestani (2) & Massimo Melucci (3), The Visual Book and the Hyper-TextBook: Two Electronic Books One Lesson?

(1)     University of Glasgow - UK , (2) University of Berkeley - USA, (3) University of Padova - Italy


16:40-18:05 Gestion de documents – Session Orale 1 (AO1) : Combinaison de l’image et du langage

President : Dragutin Petkovic, IBM, U.S.A


Marco Aiello, Christof Monz & Leon Todoran, Combining linguistic and spatial information for document analysis

University of Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Thijs Westerveld, Image Retrieval: Content versus Context

University of Twente - The Netherlands


Yasuhide Mori, Hironobu Takahashi & Ryuichi Oka, Automatic word assignment to images based on dividing image and vector quantization

Real World Computing Partnership - Japan


Sebastien Gilles & Chahab Nastar, Content-based image retrieval: fusing textual and visual features for querying and browsing databases

INRIA - France


16:40-18:05 Recherche d’information – Session Orale 2 (BO2) : Classement et classification

President : George Carayannis, ILSP, Grece


Stephen D'Alessio (1), Keitha Murray (1), Robert Schiaffino (1) & Aaron Kershenbaum (2), The Effect of Using Hierarchical Classifiers in Text Categorization

(1) Iona College - USA, (2) Polytechnic University – N.Y., USA


Dawn Lawrie & Bruce Croft, Discovering and Comparing Topic Hierarchies

University of Massachusetts - USA.


Roberto Basili, Alessandro Moschitti & Maria Teresa Pazienza, Language sensitive text classification

University of Roma - Italy


Patrice Bellot & Marc El-Beze, Clustering by means of decision trees without learning or hierarchical and K-means like algorithm application to information retrieval

LIA - France






16:40-18:05 Traitement du langage parle et de l’audio – Session Poster 1 (CP1) : Techniques de traitement de la parole et du multimedia

President : Edouard Geoffrois, DGA/CTA, France


Fabio Brugnara, Mauro Cettolo, Marcello Frederico & Diego Giuliani, A baseline system for the segmentation and transcription of Italian Audio News

ITC-IRST - Centro per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica - Italy


Mauro Cettolo, Segmentation and Classification of an Italian Broadcast News Corpus

ITC-IRST - Centro per la Ricerca scientifica e Technologica - Italy


Slim Ben Hazez, Modelisation et description de taches de reconnaissance d'expressions linguistiques pour le filtrage et l'extraction d'informations dans les textes

CAMS - France


Giridharan Iyengar, Chalapathy Neti & Sankar Basu, Speaker change detection using joint audio-visual statistics

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center- USA


Changsheng Xu & Jiankang Wu, Content-Based Watermarking for Compressed Audio

Kent Ridge Digital Labs - Singapore


C. Neti (1), B. Maison (1), A. Senior (1), G. Iyengar (1), P. Decuetos (2), S. Basu (1) & A. Verma (3), Joint processing of audio and visual information for multimedia indexing and human-computer interaction

(1) IBM T.J. Watson Research Center- USA, (2) Institut Eurocom - France, (3) IBM - India

Benjamin K. T'sou, K. K. Sin, Samuel W. K. Chan, Tom B. Y. lai, Lawrence Y. L. Cheung, K. T. Ko & Gary K. K. Chan, From Speech to Text in Chinese: A Computer-Aided Transcription System for the Legal Domain

City University of Hong Kong - China


Amy Isard, David McKelvie, Andreas Mengel & Morten Moller, The Mate Workbench - a tool for annotating XML corpora

Edinburgh University - UK, University of Stuttgart - Germany


Amelie Plu, Ma Chi Yuen & Pascale Fung, SALSA 3.0:A multilingual based speech Web Browser

University of Science and Technology - Hong Kong


Ielka van der Sluis, Enriching Textual Documents with Timecodes from Video Fragments

CTIT - The Netherlands



Jeudi 13 Avril, 2000



9:00-9:40 Orateur Invite 1

President : James Allan, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Elisabeth D. Liddy, Natural Language Processing for Text Mining and Decision Making


9:40-11:00 Recherche d’information – Session Orale 3 (B03) : Systemes et techniques de recherche d’information

President : Jian-Yun Nie, Universite de Montreal, Canada


Mounia Lalmas & Ekaterini Moutogianni, A Dempster-Shafer indexing for the focused retrieval of a hierarchically structured document space: Implementation and experiments on a web museum collection

University of London - UK


Christopher C. Vogt, How much more is better? Characterising the effects of adding more IR Systems to a combination

Chapman University - USA


Massih-Reza Amini, Hugo Zaragoza & Patrick Gallinari, Learning for Sequence Extraction Tasks

University of Paris 6 - France


Hajime Mochizuki, Makoto Iwayama & Manabu Okumura, Passage-Level Document Retrieval Using Lexical Chains

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Japan


9:40-11:00 Traitement du langage naturel – Session Orale 1 (DO1) : Gestion des documents multilingues et traduction automatique

President : Gregory Grefenstette, Xerox, France


Philippe Langlais & George Foster, Using Context-Dependent interpolation to Combine Statistical Language and Translation Models for Interactive Machine Translation

University of Montreal - Canada


Chunling Hu, He Yan Huang & ZhaoXiong Chen, Learning Mechanism based on track-memorizing in machine translation

Chinese Academy of Sciences - China


Mirna Adriani & C. J. van Rijsbern, Improving Cross-Language Information Retrieval Performance using Automatic Phrase Translation Technique

University of Glasgow - UK


Frederique Bisson & Christian Fluhr, Sentence alignment in bilingual corpora based on crosslingual querying

CEA - France



9:40-11:00 Traitement d’informations visuelles – Session Poster 1 (EP1) : Techniques de traitement des images et de la video

President : Patrick Bouthemy, Irisa-Inria, France


J. Dahmen, T. Theiner, D. Keysers, T. Lehmann & B. Wein, Classification of Radiographs in the 'Image Retrieval in Medical Applications' - System

RWTH Aachen - Germany


Patrick Gros, Experimental Evaluation of Color Illumination Models for Image Matching and Indexing



Bruno Tellez, L'indexation automatique des donnees aeriennes dans le contexte de la mise a jour de plans cadastraux

LISI INSA-Lyon - France


Cina Motamed, Video indexing based on object motion for video-surveillance context

University of Littoral Cote d'Opale - France


Francesca Odone, Andrea Fusiello & Emanuele Trucco, Robust motion-based segmentation for content-based video coding

Universita' degli Studi di Verona - Italy


R. Fablet, P. Bouthemy & P. Perez, Statistical motion-based video indexing and retrieval

IRISA - France


Andres Rodriguez (1), David M. Shotton (2), Nicolas Guil (1) & Oswaldo Trelles (1), Automatic Tracking of Moving Bacterial Cells in Scientific Videos

(1) University of Malaga - Spain, (2) University of Oxford - UK


Andres Rodriguez (1), David M. Shotton (2), Oswaldo Trelles (1)& Nicolas Guil (1), Automatic Feature extraction in Wound Healing Videos

(1) University of Malaga - Spain, (2) University of Oxford - UK


John Boreczky, Jonathan Foote, Andreas Girgensohn & Lynn Wilcox, Interactive similarity search for video browsing and retrieval

FX Palo Alto Lab - USA


Meziane Yacoub & Younes Bennani, Detection et Selection d'Informations Pertinentes : application a la reconnaissance de visages

LIPN-CNRS - France


11:00-11:20 Pause Cafe


11:20-12:40 Recherche d’informations – Session Orale 4 : Recherche d’informations interactive et multimedia

President : David Evans, CMU et Claritech, USA


Anton Leuski & James Allan, Improving Interactive Retrieval by Combining Ranked List and Clustering

University of Massachusetts -USA


Ronald Fagin (1) & Yoelle S. Maarek (2), Allowing users to weight search terms

(1) IBM Almaden Research Center - USA, (2) IBM Research Lab in Haifa - Israel


Henning Muller (1), Wolfgang Muller (1), David McG. Squire (1), Zoran Pecenovic (2), Stephane Marchand-Maillet (1) & Thierry Pun (1), An open framework for distributed multimedia retrieval

(1) University of Geneva - Switzerland, (2) EPFL - Switzerland


Franciska de Jong (1), Jean-Luc Gauvain (2), Djoerd Hiemstra (1) & Klaus Netter (3), Language-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval

(1)University of Twente - The Netherlands, (2) LIMSI-CNRS - France, (3) DFKI - Germany


11:20-12:40 Traitement du langage naturel – Session Orale 2 (DO2) : Terminologie

President : Ulrich Heid, University of Stuttgart, Allemagne


Janine Toole, A Hybrid Approach to the Identification and Expansion of Abbreviations

Simon Fraser University - Canada


Magnus Merkel & Mikael Andersson, Knowledge-lite extraction of multi-word units with language filters and entropy thresholds

Linkoping University - Sweden


Horacio Saggion & Guy Lapalme, Selective analysis for automatic abstracting: Evaluating Indicativeness and Acceptability

University of Montreal - Canada


Natalia Grabar & Pierre Zweigenbaum, Automatic indexing of domain-specific morphological resources from thesauri

SIM/DSI/AP-HP & University of Paris 6





11:20-12:40 Session Poster (F,G,HP1) : Architecture des systemes, applications et usages

Presidente : V.Semenova-Fluhr, Spicer/Analit, Russie


Jeffrey J. Wynn (1), Michiko Kosaka (2) & Daniel N. Gardner (1), A DAI-based Multimodal Agent Information System - A Jini Implementation

(1) The MITRE Corporation - USA, (2) Monmouth University - USA


George Tzanetakis & Luc Julia, Multimedia structuring using trees.

SRI International - USA


Amit Bagga & Gees C. Stein, FidelityXPress: A Multi-Modal System for Financial Transactions

GE Corporate Research & Development - USA


Cecile Nicolle, Youssef Amghar & Jean-Marie Pinon, Interrogation system architecture of heterogenous data for decision making.

LISI - INSA Lyon - France


S. J. Darmoni, B. Thirion, J. P. Leroy, M. Douyere, F. Baudic & J. Piot, CISMeF: a structured Health resource guide for healthcare professionals and patients

Rouen University Hospital - France


Taly Sharon & Ariel. J. Frank , Utilizing Multimedia Technologies for Interactive Telesonography

Bar-Ilan University - Israel


Richard Chbeir, Youssef Amghar & Andre Flory, MIMS: A Prototype for medical image retrieval

LISI - INSA Lyon - France


Manabi Miyagi, Yuji Fujimori, Yasuo Horiuchi & Akira Ichikawa, Prosody Rule for Time Structure of Finger Braille

Chiba University - Japan


Lobna Jeribi, Beatrice Rumpler & Jean-Marie Pinon, Systeme d'aide a la recherche et l'acces aux documents scientifique pour les deficients visuels

LISI - INSA Lyon - France


Kyung-Sun Kim, Searching the Web: Effect of cognitive style and online database search experience on search performance

University of Missouri - USA


Pertti Vakkari, Cognition and changes of search terms and tactics during task performance: A longitudinal case study

University of Tampere - Finland


12:40-14:00 Dejeuner


14:00-15:20 Traitement du langage naturel – Session Orale 3 (DO3) : Traitement du langage naturel applique au traitement des documents

Presidente : Franciska De Jong, University of Twenty, Pays Bas


Roberto Basili & M. T. Pazienza, An Adaptive and Distributed Framework for Advanced IR

University of Roma Tor Vergata - Italy


Udo Hahn, On "deep" knowledge extraction from documents

University of Freiburg - Germany


W. J. Teahan, Text classification and segmentation using minimum cross-entropy

The Robert Gordon University - Scotland


Branimir K. Boguraev & Mary S. Neff, Lexical cohesion, discourse segmentation and document summarization

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - USA


14:00-15:20 Traitement d’informations visuelles- Session Orale 1 (EO1) : Analyse de documents scannerises

President : Norbert Paquel, Canope, France


Enrico Appiani & Anna Maria Colla, Automatic Analysis and indexing of variable-layout documents

Elsag SpA - Italy


Claudie Faure, Extraction automatique des sommaires a partir des images de documents scientifiques

ENST-TSI - France


Andreas Myka, QDOC'99 - A System for Automatic Cataloguing and Searching Document Bases

Nokia Research Center - Finland


Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, George Giakoupis, Aggelos Liveris, Stylianos Bakamidis & George Carayannis, An Optical Notation Recognition System for Printed Music based on template matching and high level reasoning

Institute for Language and Speech Processing - Greece


14:00-15:20 Recherche d’informations – Session Poster 1 (BP1) : Methodes de recherche d’information 1

President  : Christian Jacquemin, Limsi-CNRS, France


Jakub Piskorski & Gunter Neumann, An Intelligent Text Extraction and Navigation System

DFKI - Germany


Jay Aslam, Fred Reiss & Daniela Russ, Scalable Information Organization Information Retrieval

Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth University - USA


Atsushi Matsumura, Atsuhiro Takasu & Jun Adachi, The Effect of Information Retrieval Method Using Dependency Relationship Between Words

National Center for Science Information Systems - Japan


Ismail Biskri & Sylvain Delisle, L'identification precise des termes par un acces pertinent a des contenus textuels : une methode et un logiciel semi-automatique bases sur la combinaison des N-grams et de filtres linguistiques de surface

University of Quebec a Trois-Rivieres - Canada


Irina Kononenko, Serge Kononenko, Ivan Popov & Yuriy Zagorulko, Information extraction from non-segmented text (on the material of weather forecast telegrams)

Siberian Meteorological Research Institute - Russia


Sumio Fujita, Evaluation of Japanese Phrasal Indexing with Large Test Collection

Justsystem Corporation - Japan


Benoit Matthys, Emanuel Falkenauer, Pascal Francq, Alain Delchambre, Florence Robert, Herve Gilson & Hugues Bersini, An integrated system for navigation help, informational retrieval and suggestions in a hypertext structure

Faculte des Sciences Appliquees de Bruxelles - Belgium


Liang Chen & Naoyuki Tokuda, A New LSI and TM based Cross-Language Information Retrieval System Providing Text Summaries

Utsunomiya University- Japan


Barbel Ripplinger, MproIR - A cross-language Information retrieval

IAI - Germany


15:20-15:40 Pause Cafe


15:40-16:40 Session Pleniere 3 : Recherche d’informations radio et telediffusees

President : Sadaoki Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japon


Timothy J. Mills, David Pye, Nicholas J. Hollinghurst & Kenneth R. Wood , AT&TV: Broadcast Television and Radio Retrieval

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge - UK


Thomas Kemp & Alex Waibel, End to end evaluation of the ISL View4You broadcast news transcription and retrieval system

University of Karlsruhe - Germany


S.E. Johnson, P. Jourlin, K. Sparck-Jones & P.C. Woodland, Audio Indexing and Retrieval of Complete Broadcoast News Shows

Cambridge University - UK


16:00-17:40 Table Ronde 1 : Acces a l’information translingue

President : D. Oard, University of Maryland, USA


Participants: C. Fluhr, CEA, France, G. Grefenstette, XRCE, France, C. Peters, CNR-IEI, Italy




Vendredi 14 Avril, 2000


9:00-9:40 Orateur Invite 2


9:40-11:00 Recherche d’information – Session Orale 5 (BO5) : Filtrage, traitement du langage naturel et recherche textuelle

President ::Laurent Schmitt, INIST, France


Jeremy Pickens & Bruce Croft, An exploratory analysis of phrases in text retrieval

University of Massachusetts - USA


Tomek Strzalkowski, Gees C. Stein, G. Bowden & Amit Bagga, Towards the Next Generation Information Retrieval

GE Corporate Research & Development - USA


Francis Wolinski, Frantz Vichot & Mathieu Stricker, Using Learning-based Filters to Detect Rule-based Filtering Obsolescence

Informatique CDC - France


Avi T. Arampatzis, Th. P. van der Weide, C. H. A. Koster & P. van Bommel, Term Weighting for Filtering based on Distribution of Terms over Time

University of Nijmegen - The Netherlands


9:40-11:00 Traitement du langage parle et de l’audio – Session Orale 2 (CO2) : Traitement de l’information musicale

President :Jean Perriere, CID, France


Francois Pachet & Daniel Cazaly, A taxonomy of musical genres

Sony CSL - France


Massimo Melucci & Nicola Orio, SMILE: a System for Content-based Musical Information Retrieval Environments

University of Padova - Italy


Kjell Lemstrom & Jorma Tarhio, Detecting Monophonic Patterns within Polyphonic Sources

University of Helsinki - Finland


Alain Bonardi (1) & Francis Rousseaux (2), Creating "Hypermusic Spaces"

(1)University of Paris IV Sorbonne - France, (2)University of Reims - France




9:40-11:00 Traitement du langage naturel – Session Poster 1 (DP1) : Methodes de traitement du langage naturel 1

President :Klaus Netter, DFKI, Allemagne


Robert Gaisauskas & Kevin Humphreys, A combined IR/NLP approach to question answering against large text collections

University of Sheffield - UK


Christopher Dozier & Robert Haschart, Automatic Extraction and Linking of Person Names In Legal Text

West Group - USA


Tokunaga Takenobu, Ogibayashi Hironori & Tanaka Hozumi, Effectiveness of complex index terms in information retrieval

Tokyo Institute of Technology - Japan


Sandro Pedrazzini, On-line Complex Terms Extraction

University of Basel and IDSIA - Switzerland


David Kirk Evans, LinkIT a Rule Based tool for Document Analysis

Columbia University - USA


Jacques Le Maitre (1), Yves Marcoux (2) & Elisabeth Murisasco (1), SgmlQL + XGQL = Powerful XML Pattern-Matching and Data-Manipulation in a Single Language

(1) University of Toulon et du Var - France, (2) University of Montreal - Canada


Paul Rayson, Roger Garside & Pete Sawyer, Assisting requirements engineering with semantic document analysis

Lancaster University - UK


Fumiyo Fukumoto & Yoshihiro Sekiguchi, Identifying TV news stories with a newswire article

Yamanashi University - Japan


11:00-11:20 Pause Cafe


11:20-12:40 Traitement d’informations visuelles – Session Orale 2 (EO2) ; Indexation; recherche et visualisation de videos

Presdent : Frank Nack, GMD IPSI, Allemagne


Yannick Prie (1), Alain Mille (2) & Jean-Marie Pinon (1), A graph based audio-visual document annotation and browsing system

(1) LISI - France, (2) LISA ESCPE-Lyon - France


Hyowon Lee, Alan F. Smeaton, Colin O'Toole, Noel Murphy, Sean Marlow & Noel O'Connor, The Fischlar Digital Video Recording, Analysis and Browsing System

Dublin City University - Ireland


Remi Ronfard, CLAVIS - Un systeme de raisonnement temporel pour la classification de sequences audiovisuelles

INA - France


Karin Kruger-Thielmann & Nadine Requardt, Traveler with a Huge Silver Cigar A study on Subtitle and Script Reliability for Indexing Video Material

University of Tubingen - Germany



11:20-12:40 Recherche d’informations – Session Orale 6 (BO6) : Visualisation de l’information

President : Roland Hjerppe, Mid Sweden University, Suede


Eun-Il Cho & Sung Hyon Myaeng, Visualization of Retrieval Results using DART

Chungnam National University - Korea


Marc Vilain, Rob Hyland & Rod Holland, Exploiting semantic extraction for spacial-temporal indexing in GEONODE

The MITRE Corporation - USA


Michele Ouellet (1), Jan Gecsei (2) & Jian-Yun Nie (2), Discovering Internet Resources to enrich a structured Personal information space

(1) Stelvio Inc. - Canada, (2)University of Montreal - Canada


Alain Lelu (1), M. Hallab (1), H. Rhissassi (1) & N. Bouhai (1), F. Papy (1), S. Bouyahi S (1). Aubin (2), C. Qi (3), F. Tang (4) & H. He (5), Textual mapping for multilingual and multiwriting access to information on the Internet

University Paris 8 - France, (2) Societe Diatopie -France, (3) Universite Paris 7 - France, (4) IRESCO -France, (5) Central China Normal University - China


11:20-12:40 Traitement du langage naturel – Session Poster 2 (DP2) : Methodes de traitement du langage naturel 2

President : Jean Claude Bassano, Universite d’ Orleans, France


Gael Dias (1), Sylvie Guillore (2), Jean-Claude Bassano (2) & Jose Gabriel Pereira Lopes (1), Combining Linguistics with statistics for multiword term extraction: a fruitfull association?

(1) Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal, (2) Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale d'Orleans - France


Eleni Efthimiou & Marianna KatsoYannou, Handling terminology-intensive texts in Machine Translation Institute for Language and Speech Processing - Greece


Steve Finch, A statistical translation model using comparable corpora

West Group - UK


Yaakov Yaari, NLP-assisted exploration of texts

Bar-Ilan University - Israel


B. Habert, G. Illouz, H. Folch, S. Fleury, S. Heiden, P. Lafon & S. Prevost, Prendre le Monde en main : choix d'architecture



Grigorij Martynenko, Statistical Consistency of Keywords Dictionary Parameters

St. Petersburg State University - Russia


Evgeny Ludovik, Hugo Molina-Salgado, Sergei Nirengurg & Svetlana Scheremetyeva, Automatic Question Answering

New Mexico State University - USA



12:40-14:00 Dejeuner


14:00-15:20 Usages et bonnes pratiques – Session Orale 1 (GO1) – Evaluation

Presidente : Donna Harman, NIST, USA


Stephane Chaudiron, The relevance of quality model for NLP applications

University of Paris X - France


Christine Michel, Test d'un systeme en phase de developpement : Evaluation par des methodes endogenes Etude experimentale sur le systeme Profil-Doc

University Bordeaux III - France


Joyce Chai (1), Jimmy Lin (2), Wlodek Zadrozny (1), Yiming Ye (1), Margo Budzikowska (1), Veronika Horvath (1), Nanda Kambhatla (1) & Catherine Wolf (1), Comparative Evaluation of a Natural Language Dialog Based System and a Menu Driven System for Information Access: a Case Study

(1) IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - USA, (2) MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab - USA


Joop van Gent (1) & Karin Kruger-Thielmann (2), Where is the best tango Argentino ? A new mesure for assessing video retrieval quality

(1) TNO-TPD -The Netherlands, (2) University of Tubingen - Germany



14:00-15:20 Traitement d’informations visuelles – Session Orale 3 (EO3) : Indexation, recherche et visualisation d’images

President : Georges Quenot, CLIPS, France


A. Heinrichs (1), D. Koubaroulis (2), B. Levienaise-Obadia (2), P. Rovida (3) & Jean-Michel Jolion (4), Image indexation and content based search using pre-attentive similarities

(1) Ruhr University - Germany, (2) University of Surrey -UK, (3) University of Pavia - Italy, (4) INSA Lyon - France


J. Dahmen, K. Beulen, M. O. Guld & H Ney, A Mixture Density Based Approach to Object Recognition for Image Retrieval

RWTH Aachen - Germany


Philippe Mulhem, Hong Dezhong & JianKang Wu, Updating Labeling of Photographic Segmented Regions using Knowledge Representation Formalism and Dempster-Shafer Theory

Kent Ridge Digital Labs - Singapore


Jean-Charles Lamirel (1), Jacques Ducloy (2) & Gerald Oster (2), Adaptative browsing for information discovery in an iconographic context

(1) LORIA - France, (2) INIST CNRS - France, (3) University Nancy I - France


14:00-15:20 Recherche d’Informations – Session Poster 2 (BP2) : Methodes de recherche d’information 2

President  : Doug Oard, University of Maryland, USA


Guy Desjardins & Robert Godin, Combining Relevance Feedback and Genetic Algorithm in an Internet Information Filtering Engine

University of Quebec a Montreal - Canada


Yannick Toussaint & Arnaud Simon, Building and interpreting term dependencies using association rules extracted from Galois lattices



Vojtech Svatek & Petr Berka, URL as starting point for WWW document categorization

Prague University of Economics - Czech Republic


Emilia Stoica & David Evans, Dynamic term selection in learning a query from examples

Claritech Corporation - USA


Alison Cawsey (1), Diana Bental (1) & Patrick McAndrew (2), Generating resource descriptions from metadata to support relevance assessments in retrieval

(1) Heriot-Watt University - UK, (2) Open University - UK


Martijn Spitters, Comparing feature sets for learning text categorization

TNO-TPD - Germany


Kenji Abe, Michio Iijima, Kenji Katami, Masayoshi Suzuki, Kazunari Taketa, Sumio Ohno & Hiroya Fujisaki, Concept-based search and user modeling in information retrieval based on human-machine dialogue

Science University of Tokyo - Japan


Ulrich Bohnacker, Juergen Franke, Ingrid Renz & Rene Schneider, Weaving Intranet Relations - Managing Web Content

Daimler-Chrysler AG, Research and Technology - Germany


Brigitte Trousse, A Case-based User Behaviour Mining approach for On-line Customization of Web Sites

INRIA - France


15:20-15:40 Pause Cafe


15:40-16:40 Table Ronde2 : Evaluation des systemes de recherche d’information dans le monde

Presidente : Donna Harman, NIST, USA


Participants: L. Schmitt, INIST, France, N. Kando, NACSIS, Japan, Ellen M. Voorhees, NIST, USA


16:40-17:40 Table Ronde 3 : Usage des systemes de recherche d’information

President : Claude Lussan, Barreau de Paris, France


Participants : Gerry McGovern, NUA, Ireland, Jean Yves Merrien, Laboratoire Evaluation, Services et Usages, France Telecom, France, William A. Turner, Limsi-CNRS, France



17:40-18:00 Synthese et Conclusions




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